Does Samsung TV ACTUALLY support DIAL?

I know Samsung TV can launch Netflix and Youtube via DIAL protocol.

My question is, is there any other apps that can be launched via DIAL?
If so, Can my app also to be launched via DIAL if my app is on DIAL registry?


Yes, if the app is published you can find it’s app id somewhere in the samsung registration page. If it’s not published you can use the tizen application id from the config.xml. For example if the ip of the tv is and the app’s id is 123456 you can launch using…

curl --verbose -L '' -X POST -H 'Content-Length: 0' --data-raw ''

Thanks @jat1592579561 ! It really works.

@jat1592579561 Does this work with only development-connected IP? (which can be set on Apps panel on TV,
I tried API call with another machine which is not with the development-connect IP and it returns 401 unauthorized.
I’m curious if it only works with development-connected IP which makes it useless…

I just did a factory reset on my tv, downloaded my app from the store, and was able to launch just fine without having to do anything else. It does prompt on screen to allow the connection the first time, but if you click allow then it launches the app fine.