Control Youtube App on Smart TV

Hello I’m new here, I recently bought a 32 inch Samsung Smart TV model T4300, connected it to Smartthings and activated the smartthings skill for alexa to control the TV.

But Smartthings Skill only allows me to change the volume, channels or turn the TV off and on. This is very sad because on Amazon Fire Stick I can completely control youtube by searching for videos, scrolling or turning the page, advancing or rewinding a video, all with voice commands!
I can say “Alexa, show football highlights on YouTube” and she will search for football highlights.

So I decided to create my own skill for alexa and something to access the local TV API, to have some level of control over the youtube app, in the following question on this forum I found a small example of how to open an app with the DIAL protocol:

But this tutorial only explains how to open the app, I would like to be able to open the app directly in a video or in a search, to start with just these features would be great! If it is possible to create other features such as scrolling or turning the page, fast forwarding or rewinding a video, it would be even better!

I had found, but now I lost, a documentation for an API for a local server that the TV creates, it was version 2, it seems to be the same API used in the tutorial to open apps with DIAL, in a part of the documentation she had the word “queue” as part of the URL path, and accessing this way, you could exchange messages with the application, could I do that to control youtube? I imagine that if possible I need documentation on how the youtube app works and receive messages on samsung smart tvs with tizen right? Does anyone know how I got such specific documentation? hahaha

Thanks for the help and attention!