Drag&drop gestures for web app

anyone can tell me which gestures you use on Samsung smartphones or tablets do drag&drop items in a web application built with html & jquery (i.e. using Samsung Internet browser) ?
You can try out the attached example…just save it as an html filedragNDropInTable.txt (19.8 KB)
Thank you in advance.

I suppose you are trying to active touch event support in your web page. You can use jQuery UI Touch Punch for this purpose. You will find more details about this library from here.

From the official documentation of jQuery UI, seems it registers only mouse and keyboard events and not touch events. So most of the case the touch events will fail.
You can find the official jQuery UI documentation here.

You are right, JQuery is working only on desktops for mouse events -> using the jQuery UI Touch Punch library solved the problem, thank you.