Dropdowns in Samsung internet automatically truncate text

I’ve noticed that Samsung Internet is the only browser where i’ve found that a dropdowns options get truncated past a certain text length, in all other phone browsers the text gets word-wrapped so the full extent of the option is visible.

Is there something that i could do with my website to make it word wrap for Samsung Internet?
im using react and tailwind for my web development.

please let me know how i could rectify this. Thanks

Can you provide an example or screenshot of the behaviour?

Hi Nuke, thanks for responding, here is the evidence:

This is not an issue on any other browser on the same application on the same phone:

Can you provide a live website link where a drop-down menu faces similar issues? Also, in the pictures, can you replicate the case on the same drop-down menu?

Hi Nuke, i won’t share the link since its confidential information, but the issue can be replicated on the same drop-down menu. It seems like the issue is the samsung browser and not the website.

Did you try wrapping the text using CSS? Maybe other browsers wrap texts inside the drop-down menu by default, but Samsung Internet does not.

Also, are you using the updated version of the Samsung Internet?

Hi i have tried wrapping it, it doesn’t seem to work.
perhaps i didn’t do it correctly - could you suggest some css to wrap text i can try please. Thanks Nuke

I will look into it. Are you using Samsung Internet v17.0.1.69? If not, please update and test again.

Hi The Version of Samsung Internet i used for the test is:

The Reason for using this version is that there are a lot of people who use the older versions of Samsung Internet, it would be great if we could find a solution for all versions.

Yes, I think this bug exists in older versions. I could replicate it on v14 but not in an updated version. I am not sure whether CSS will fix the problem; users will have to update to the latest version of Samsung Internet to receive all the bug fixes.

I see thanks so much Nuke. i just wanted to verify whether this could be rectified in older versions. have a good one.

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