Error message when I am uploading the .aab file

Kindly explain me how to solve this issue.
I have converted a watchface and while uploading to Play Console, I am getting this message "You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle signed with a certificate that expires too soon. You need to sign your APK or Android App Bundle with a certificate that expires further in the future."

pleae help me to solve this issue and the further steps to uploading for approval.

Thank you

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Hi ROXWatchDesign,

There is an issue to create the valid keystore in the Galaxy Watch Studio Converter. It will be fixed from the next release.

A workaround is to use the keystore created by Watch Face Studio or Android Studio.

Thank you,

Thank you so much for the reply, Yes I do it. working :slight_smile:

Hi Jakia,

I have successfully converted my first .tpk app into .aab (.apk and .idsig).

However, in order to edit some missing feature, I wanted to import it (the .aab file) into Watch Face Studio V1.0.3 but had an error message - despite having changed the original file name without any of the prohibited characters. I could not find any similar cases in the forum.

Have you any recommendation to this?

Thank you

Make sure that the WFS file does not have these characters

Thank you for the feedback. My file name does not have any of that characters, still the issue persists. Next, I will check all the layers and remove such characters, rebuild and convert.

I just realized that the WFS-C saves the files as .aab, .apk and .idsg.

In order for the WFS to recognize it, these files need to be in .wfs.

Perplexed as I read somewhere, WFS can be used to improve the converted app.

Ich habe gerade noch einmal gelesen. Sie möchten eine * .aab-Datei im WFS öffnen? Das ist nicht möglich, das WatchFaceStudio kann nur * wfs-Dateien öffnen und Sie können * gws aus dem GalaxyWatchStudio importieren.

Dankeschön. Ja, Ron und Peter hatten das letzte Woche geklärt.

Vielen Dank