Aab file not uploading on Seller Portal

I am new to this and am currently using Watch Face Studio version 1.5.7. When I publish the watch face file from WFS it saves it with the title com.watchfacestudio.[product name].aab. Then when I go to upload the aab file onto the binary section of the application I receive a few errors.

  1. when I upload the file directly from the WFS application the error reads “The binary title is invalid. Special characters are spaces except underscores (_) and hyphens ( - ) cannot be used in a binary title.” so what I do look for the special character. The only special characters are in the com.watchfacestudio. part of the title. So, what I do is remove it and try to upload the file again. That is when I see the next issue.

  2. once I upload the retitled aab file starts to upload on to the binary uploader section but then after upload is finish, I receive an new red message that reads “system error!”

Can you please help me figure out what i am doing wrong?

thank you very much.
Peter :smiley:

The store for watch faces had been sunsetted, no one can load new watch faces.

FYI you posted this in the Themes section, but any future questions on WFS should really be posted in that forum you will get better assistance.

But they just released the new WFS, so what happened to the store? This business is going down or what?

The Samsung store was for Tizen faces, the tools now create for Wear OS so only old Tizen faces on the Samsung store can be updated, nothing new can be added. And Wear OS faces are all on Google Play store. That’s my understanding.

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