Extending app storage using usb drive on Tizen T-NKM2AKUC-1805.4, BT-S (2021 QN90A)

QN90A ships with very limited internal app storage. Installed 32GB Samsung FIT USB drive to be used as dedicated auxiliary internal storage. No prompt to format drive for internal storage. No option to move apps or save apps to usb drive.

Question: similar to Android, does Tizen allow a drive to be designated for internal storage and used for app installation/storage? If so, is the issue with the drive formatting? The drive is recognized by the TV and listed as Samsung FIT USB drive in the source menu. No options in Device Care Manage Storage to move apps or otherwise use the drive for internal storage. If this feature exists in Tizen but is disabled on this TV’s OS (T-NKM2AKUC-1805.4, BT-S ), please provide a contact for Samsung dev team to request a firmware update. -Thanks