Installing App to Smart TV


I have developped a Web Application for my QB13R Smart TV and I have no clue on how install it permanently to the TV.
I have managed to launch it using Tizen Studio, but once I quit the app, there is no way to launch it from the TV.
I understand Tizen Studio only launches the application and does not install it, so I would like to know how I can package the .wgt application to install it through a USB Drive or using an URL to download it.

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Got the same problem/question. The articles I found instructs me to create a seller account, and from there, join the Applicaster Samsung Seller Group Account. I have created an account but have yet to receive an invite.

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This might help you :

For USB you just have to put the two files in a SSSP folder

I believe you need to have an app before you can be accepted as Smart TV partner.

If you just want to side-load and test on a TV see this FAQ

Samsung Developer Program

To install the app in you smart TV this website might help you :,review-4663-3.html