Failed to install app with Tizen Studio

Hi there, I can run the app on the simulator but when trying to install it on the TV I get:

app_id[YHhaw04hpX.GustincantoTV] installing[32]

app_id[YHhaw04hpX.GustincantoTV] install failed[118, -20], reason: Privilege error :

spend time for wascmd is [1382]ms

An exception occurred

(Installing the package… > Fail)

An exception occurred

Unexpected stop progress…

(4.395 sec)

I cannot find this 118,20 meaning. I’ve “permitted install” on the TV as well as generated the certificate.

Any hint ?


Since no one responded, I would suggest you look for an answer in the FAQ-Q/A under the most appropriate topic on the Smart TV Seller Office site If you don’t find a solution there then sign in and open a Smart TV Seller Support Request . They can help you better there.

Samsung Developer Relations