Tizen Unable to install app on Samsung TV 2016

We are developing a new app and want to test it on 2016 and 2017 TVs. But we got this error when trying to install it on 2016 TV model:

[ERROR] InstallStep.java(171) - Return Code:1010)Tizen Web Application install failed.
issued copied on sdblib log text file
sdb rejected shell command (0 list_showcontrol “/home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/tmp”): closed
08:23:13 E/sdb: excute doLS failed:org.tizen.sdblib.exception.SdbCommandRejectedException: closed
While installation (this occured on console)
Installing the package… > Fail
Unexpected error occurred at the below step.
Installing the package...
Tizen Web Application install failed. Please try again later.

Other TV models (2020, 2021) work fine. We also tried older versions of Tizen (3.0, 2.4) but they got the same error. Does anyone know how to properly install and test apps on 2016 TV? Do we need some specific configuration on Tizen to make it work?

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