Focus stuck inside text input field on Tizen 2020


I am experiencing an issue with the Tizen web app when using text input field on the Tizen 2020 Frame (model QE32LS03TBKXXC). We have a Search page in the app. I invoke the keyboard with “inputElement.focus();”, type in one or more chars there, then after I press Back on the remote controls, I can see it triggers a CANCEL key (65385), I am closing the keyboard by calling “inputElement.blur();”. Then it properly triggers “blur” event from this element, however the focus gets stuck inside the input field. I can move the focus between my typed characters, cursors is blinking. I can see that the currently focused element is “document.body” when I’m logging “document.activeElement”. So programmatically it seems like body is focused, but in fact the focus always stays inside the input field.
Did anyone encountered similar issue? It works perfectly fine on other years models.