Forcing use of a custom font

I am developing an Android app using Xamarin.Android for which I want to use a custom font. I have tested my app on a Surface Duo, an emulator in Visual Studio 2022, and a Samsung Galaxy S10e. The app works great in all aspects except for the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S10e does not use the custom font (a *.ttf file in the resources) that I have included (the others do use it). I need to force the app to use the custom font rather than a similar font (which is, of course, why I include it). I have read that the Samsung Galaxy series uses it’s own non-standard fonts. Is there a way to force my app to use my custom font, or at least detect whether it is using my font or another one? Thanks.

Have you found any answer for this yet? I would suggest you Contact Developer Support and perhaps they can assist you.

Samsung Developer Relations