Galaxy Developer APIs


I’m trying to automate our upload process to the Samsung Galaxy Store using the new developer APIs.

I am:

  1. generating a JWT
  2. use JWT to get auth token from /auth/accessToken
  3. getting existing app data with /seller/contentInfo for our app
  4. generating an upload session with /seller/createUploadSessionId
  5. uploading the binary with /seller/fileUpload
  6. editing step 3’s data:
    a. nulling out addLanguage, screenshots and sellCountryList
    b. removing startPublicationDate and stopPublicationDate
    c. ensuring publicationType is 01
    d. update the filekey (from step 5), fileName, versionCode, versionName fields in binary object in the binaryList. fileName, versionCode and versionName are all unique from previously uploaded versions & binaries.
  7. posting the edited app data to /seller/contentUpdate
  8. attempt to commit app update using /seller/contentSubmit

However, step 7 gives undocumented error:

{"code":"SERVER_NETWORK_ERROR","message":"Error in calling 'seller' server","from":"asgw"}

But does seem to create the update and assign the binary correctly.

Step 8 then fails saying there is no content.

{"from":"seller","body":{"ctntId":"${contentId}","contentStatus":null,"httpStatus":"BAD_REQUEST","errorCode":"4104","errorMsg":"No content"}}

After my script hits these errors, I am able to log on and manually submit the update. I’ve tried adding a retry and adding a delay between calling these endpoints, but no luck.

Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone have any insight into the SERVER_NETWORK_ERROR ?


Hi @james Those APIs are new. Let me get the product owner to review your question and give you feedback. Thanks!

Hi, we have been investigating the error you reported, we need additional information from you. Can you please email us your file key from /seller/fileUpload to

Thank you!

Hi @James

I faced this issue once. Now this issue doesn’t occur.
If this issue still occurs please report this issue through

Thank you.