Galaxy SM-A346B Camera 2 api support

I’ve observed that the camera 2 API of the Galaxy SM-A346B doesn’t accurately report the cameras.
This is an issue because not all cameras are reported, and the selfie camera is incorrectly reported as 2 cameras with 2 focal lengths.
Is there any workaround available for this?

Hello firminunderscore,
Please submit a support request here to help us to investigate the issue further.


whats the procedure to disable inteligent optimatization of photos, reason for that, when i want to take photos of low light IO destroy, ruin the photos, i want photos sometimes with low light, I have s24 ultra.
taken photos are not good with io, too much light too much brightness its the opposit as real photo.
I read all the comments from users who have s24 plus or ultra and the have same opinion, and as me regrets to buy so expencive phone with low quality of cameras, i suspect that i have phone with 50 and 200 mp camera, because i take same photos with 5 mp camera in low lught and that photos is much much much better qualuty, 100 light years better quality then mine 1400 eur s24 ultra phone. This is a serious problem , I dont want robots to create my photos, i want photos with low light not a disaster of photos like taken with vga cams 76 x 76 resolution. Samsung fail in that segment, so do you planning in a next very soon update to disable disaster IO, its disaster, phones n95 makes better photos in low light than s24 ultra so called 12 50 or 200 mp cam, shame in samsung.

Sorry, you won’t find help here, you could try Samsung Member app. This forum is for people who develop apps for Samsung’s products not end user questions, issues or rants.