Camera 2 api

Please , enable camera 2 api on all Samsung mobile. And improve camera app performance.

Thank you for participating in the Samsung Developer Forum. However, this is not the correct forum for end product bug reports, questions or concerns. This forum is for 3rd party developer issues.

I would recommend you use the Samsung Members App for feedback
go to and depending on your location
either → Click on Explore Tab → Click on Community
Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and under support is a link to the community

Because end user questions disrupt developer discussion this thread will be removed soon.

Samsung Developer Community

I asked to enable camera 2 api. Every mobile has camera 2 api enabled , why samsung doesn’t ?

Asked as a developer I’ll let the question stay. However no one that can do anything will see this. You need to report it as an end user in the Samsung Members App.

Samsung Developer Relations