Galaxy watch studio desing

Hello, how can I design this bar or side circle that is more or less in galaxy Studio, please help
For example, draw the heart rate with a circular bar

Check this thread here. Battery Percentage using a Circle
Or this one here.
Circular progres bar
Just use bpm tag instead calories.

oh man very very tnx i really need it tnx a lot do u think i can desing this mode?

I read them but did not fully understand them
Can you give me an example to show the battery this way? please :cold_sweat:

I do not have the prgram installed here, but I thought the first cited thread contains exactly the battery example even with a file to learn from…

I looked at the file but saw that the timelines changed from light to gray. What is this for? And how it was done and why ?

I checked all the layers but did not understand anything (there were two strips and two black strips is correct?) How they came together and worked


The ‘timeline’ allows the ability to turn graphics on or off, by time or percent (in the battery case)

So, I took a semi circle, and loaded that as a watch hand, then applied that as a battery%. Then took the same image, loaded as an image, flipped it which gave the full circle. Also loaded a mask over the left hand side of the circle.

Then selected the mask, and right clicked the timeline and hid the mask until the 50% (do this by right clicking on the timeline, activating that object and then hide). The mask is then shown from 50% to 0% and as it’s black stops the semi circle hand image from showing as it progresses round.

Also selected the static image semi circle, and in the timeline hid this from the 50% to 0%, which allows the semi circle hand image to show.

So initially the 2 battery% images appears to be one one circle getting smaller when in fact it’s 2 images that match.

If you are looking at my example, the light grey is when an image is shown, and the dark grey is when the image is hidden.

Does this make sense?

Here is my sample file for 360-degree battery circle. Think its similar to @GlasBeard.

But i don’t know how to do inverted 360-degree circle. Circle bar should be work based on background color. Any one have sample for this?

I feel like I understand what is happening but it is a bit difficult to design and it engages the mind if I could design these types of models I will give more details