How to Add battery indicator like shown in screenshot


im new to making watchfaces. I am stuck for a long time on how to create a battery indicator with needle showing like this in screenshot .can someone please guide me.

I have searched everywhere in forums cant find anything or should i make theme in tizen studio and import in watchface studio to get this


Add an image just select the triangle from the pre-created ones.
In properties it has x and y values below that is a blank space. Click on it to show tags and select the tag

Now you will see the triangle turn with the battery percentage.

Now just refine it with a dial hand image, add a index and you are good to go.

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Thanks for replying, I am a newbie and not a software engineer. Your reply is much appreciated.

I would just like to clarify another thing. Do i use rotation properties if instead of batter percentage its secs, mins, or hours representation in such chronograph. First i thought this has something to do with rotation values

i have just started learning how to make a watchface.
It would be helpful if on forum there are some guides available . like.

  1. Tags and how to use them
  2. How to make indexes
  3. How to add Bitmap fonts
  4. How to Use Rotation Values

While they are not exactly the same the tutorials for GWS and the documentation HERE are very useful for Watch Face Studio too.

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The documentation for using WFS is diplomatically said limited and some techniques discussed here for GWD, can be applied for WFS in similar way.
But for your first post about the battery indicator check this thread:

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