Game Tools suggestion

I would like to suggest something for developers of Samsung. I would like to have the Game Tools to have a Live screen recording option in The Game Tools application.
It should have the following: FPS, screen recording settings , Captions (if it’s possible) and to Stream to Twitch and Facebook and or youtube.
I have a Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)
thank you.

Samsung does not accept unsolicited ideas for end user products, to avoid any possible disputes in the future. Samsung also encourages the safeguarding of any original ideas and not to post them in a public forum. See more about Samsung’s unsolicited ideas policy at THIS SITE.

I will remove this thread as it can’t be a feature request but allow the discussion in the Game Developer Forum

Ron Liechty
Samsung Developer Community

thank you!!!

i moved them myself…


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Sounds interesting. I hope you would consider my friend @r.liechty_SDP’s response.

By the way, I’m sharing some relevant tools offered to the Gamers/‘Game Developers’ from Samsung. Which you might take advantage of when/where it fits your requirement.

GPU Watch:

Tool for observing GPU activity in your application availing you the deep insights.
GPU related information with the least effort: overlaid onto the screen in real-time.
Device >Developer Options > GPU Watch (If supported)

Perf Z:

‘Game Plugins’ is available on Galaxy Store to download on supported devices. It’s a gateway to install and utilize services like: “Game Booster Plus”, “Perf Z”, etc.

Perf Z Overlays the basic resource occupancy data onto the screen in real-time. A basic version of GPU Watch, targeted for the Gamers.

Screen Recording:

Screen recording option is available on supported Galaxy devices through the ‘Notification Panel’ icon.

Keep an eye on Samsung Game Dev Page & Game Developers Forum to remain up-to-date.

-Armaan Ul Islam,
Samsung Developer Program

thank you for that!!!

i have a Samsung Galaxy S7


Thank you so much. I have Samsung Galaxy J700H

can you make it compatible with my phone?

So the answer is NO and we can’t do anything? I assume we can go here for a quality homework help.

Thank you. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and love its features.