Get Image has 12000x9000 with Camera2 API

As I know, Galaxy S22 ultra has 108MP(12000x9000) and We can get 12000x9000 image using Samsung Camera App.

But I can not get a Image that 12000x9000, only can get 4000x3000 image with Camera2 API.

Could you let me know, how can I get the image with Camera2 API?

Thank you.

Hello @manhwa,

Samsung does not offer any SDK to access the camera. All third-party applications can access the cameras of Samsung devices using Camera2 SDK. I guess they are exposing up to 4000x3000 to 3rd party apps.
Also can follow this thread for more info.

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Thank you for the reply.

I already get similar information from Stack Overflow.
but I want to double check, so I wrote the question in this Samsung web page.
because, S22 Ultra is made by Samsung.

Your reply good enought to me.
Thank you again.

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