Getting Content Manager Contact

Good day!

I am developing an app for Samsung Smart TV and it requires Content Managers contact to request a partnership.

I initiated an 1:1 Q&A couple days back waiting on a response. I am on a time crunch to launch the app to stores in next few weeks. Any help you can offer is appreciated.

The process is
You sign up to the Smart TV Seller store and become a member/ public seller
You create a Smart TV app and submit it for publication in the US only
At that time you are assigned a Content Manager
After it is launched in the US you can request partner membership (I think adding additional countries will already start the process without a formal request).

If you go directly to and select the “Membership > Partnership” without any content then you need to go to a local Samsung site and do paperwork etc.

If there is reasons for not going through the US only to start, let me know and I’ll contact you privately for more information if you don’t want the reason made public.

Samsung Developer Relations