Gradient colours on copy/numbers

Hi team, me again.

Anyone know hownid go about adding a gradient of colours to say dates or times? I have seen this on a few faces on various platforms and wonder how its done, example below:


Would i need to use bitmap fonts for top half and bottom half both woth a fade geadient and overlay them and have each a differnt colour from the styles pallet? Just an idea…



two ways
Best Blog is Use Masks to Get Creative with Watch Faces It uses a masked gradient image.

See How to Customize and Enhance Text Elements on a Watch Face Tags and Bitmap and substitute the numbers for gradient bitmaps.

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Thanks Ron, I’ll give them a go, can you use numbers/time/dates as masks or do they need to be images do you know? Not to worry if you don’t know I’ll experiment.

How to is in the blogs,

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No, you would need your gradient image used as a mask over your text like this:

How to set image as a mask is in step 3 of the first tutorial Ron mentioned.


Lovely thanks Peter will give it a go amd report back if any issues