Gradient all over a layer of text on the Watchface?


I’ve tried to make different watchfaces and I love the Watch Face Studio for its possibilities.

Could anybody tell me how the watchfaces are created, that use the backgound picture in my sample to set this gradient over the time and the progress bars etc. Let’s say all other things should stay black. How is this done?

For the time only I can use bitmap fonts but in the watchfaces I’ve seen on facebook groups etc. the gradient is all over a layer of text etc. and the rest stays a other color.

Screenshot 2021-10-14 131459|660x500

could you please make a screen shot of the face from the page you talk about?
on this image above I can see only default gradient in background.

Just a few examples I found on the Internet…

I think its made with WFS as it was done with GWS.
In principle they make a black masking image with transparent lines and symbols. For the time they make bitmap font from black masking images with transparent digits. Check this…

I think most of the examples above are made by laying a static gradient color bitmap to the floor and covering a layer with holes in the icons and graphs on the black background. The holes in graph or digits can be changed according to the value by preparing the amount of change such as 00 to 59 or 0 to 100.

Of course, this is a temporary way that can only be used if the shapes of hole are static.