[GUIDE] Masking to implement swaping of element


if anyone wants to toggle on and off elements to do swaping , currently masking is the only way. And also used of the customization editor to merge the elements styles.

My example here toggles on and off the analog hands but at same time does the reverse to digital clock = swap.

Credit to @rollergold question

this is my outcome in my example

masking basics

  1. put the “mask” meaning for this case the transparent image as the layer on top of the digital clock.
  2. select the mask and the digital clock layer
  3. right click and select mask.
    I used mask for the digital clock

for analog hands I used just another option which is the transparent image.
select the image (hand ) then click the + sign next to style to add another option.

you should see as I circled.

take note of the order of the style options.
digital clock default is transparent.
but analog hands default is the image of the hand.

after doing all this steps you can do a merge in customization editor by clicking “customization editor”

a transparent image for you to used.

image_transparent.zip (1.0 KB)

in case anyone doesnt know how to create transparent mask

P.s hope there can be a way to just use boolean tags (on tap) to toggle, it be much easier


For complication though, masking doesnt work.
Only a empty complication will hide the complication