Combining Time AOD styles in Watch Face Studio

I’m making a watch face for personal use and I’m wondering if I can make it so I can swap between the digital and analog time display without having to make seperate APK for each style


It’s possible.
However, since the toggle switch function is not supported by WFS, the mask function must be used.

Your question is both in AOd modes? Use mask and the mask use 2 style option. One of them is transparent image (this will make the elements disappear)
The other is the same image (for hands) or image of the color u want.(for text)

@Knightwing @isaacok0919 , thanks for the info, I’ll try the mask later today :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried messing around with the mask option but, I was not quite able to get the result I’m looking for.

Maybe I wasn’t the greatest in explaining what I’m trying to do.

What I’m looking for is the ability to swap between the digital time and showing the analog hands on the AOD via a style dropdown like I have for the other parts of the face (see below).

If I can get a little more clarification on how I would do that would be great :slight_smile:

Did you use the mask option. Correctly?
I show you example soon.


if you want just toggle on and off, actually to addition to using mask. you need to merge the styles options in the customization editor.

this is my outcome in my example, is this what you want?

masking basics

  1. put the “mask” meaning for this case the transparent image as the layer on top of the digital clock.
  2. select the mask and the digital clock layer
  3. right click and select mask.
    I used mask for the digital clock

for analog hands I used just another option which is the transparent image.
select the image (hand ) then click the + sign next to style to add another option.

you should see as I circled.

take note of the order of the style options.
digital clock default is transparent.
but analog hands default is the image of the hand.

after doing all this steps you can do a merge in customization editor by clicking “customization editor”

a transparent image for you to used. (1.0 KB)

in case you dont have or don;t know how to create it

To add this is how u merge / combine image styles

And take note this options will also be applicable in active mode.

Hello @Knightwing thanks for the info and explanation , I was able to get it to work

Ran into a weird issue when testing the face with the “Run on Device” option though, the 2 styles shows up properly when previewing the watch face on the studio software but the analog hands don’t show up on the AOD when I have it set to that style on the watch (the digital time style), nor does the battery life % number show up like in the preview (regardless of style), not sure why thats happening, it also happens if a publish an APK and sideload the apk.

Hi need detailed of what u did as on my watch it works. Wonder is that u showing aod or active instead

Actual watch face without aod

This is because the layers was auto hidden if u designing directly on AOD mode.

My aod

Style 1

Style 2

By the way second hands will be frozen in AOD mode

The watch was on AOD in that picture I showed.
As for how I did it, I took the transparent image you provided, set it as a 2nd style for the Min and Hour hands I use for the AOD, Combined those 2 styles into 1, Loaded the transparent image and combined it with the digital time in a mask and then loaded a solid color circle as a 2nd style for the transparent image used in the mask and adjusted its hue and combined that style with the analog hands style

This is what the Project looks like in the software (Green is active & Orange is AOD)

Min and Hour hand

Customization Editor Showing all 3 combines in to one

unable to figure it out what wrong. what watch are you using and wfs version? Wear os what version?

My is wear os 4 , gw 5 pro on wfs 1.5.7

all seems correctly done. would like to try reinstalling the watch face?

Or some other issues. To troubleshoot hide everythink except the hands and the digital clock groups

One thing i thinking is that there a bug somewhere because of the firmware of the watch. I tagged @r.liechty_SDR see if he can help.

@r.liechty_SDR tagging u with a new reply because not sure the tagg would work if its a edited msg.

Anyway way any idea on @rollergold issues?

Hello, I’ll try some of those steps when I get back from work, the watch I’m using it on is a Watch 4 Classic (SM-R890) with the latest build Wear OS4 (Watch UI 5) software I also tried factory resetting the watch, setting it up as a new watch and re deploying the face to the watch, no change.

Hi alternative try what u did in active mode instead.see if same issue happens. To see if the issue is a aod thing or for both modes.

Ya I tried adding the option for the active mode, same thing happens.

Seem like a bug to me. Guess you may need to make two different watch face or wait r.liechty_SDR to reply.
His usually replies between 1a.m(+8 gmt) or so.

Meanwhile i am willing to share my wfs file for u to test. If u dont mind.

Ya sure send over the wfs file I’ll check and see if the bug pops up while we wait for r.liechty to reply (304.8 KB)

attached is the wfs

@rollergold did the error pop up using my wfs?