Hands hide

How can I make the hands hide for a few seconds when I touch them in wfs?

I think there is no way how to do that in WFS. But I would gladly learn too, if there was.
Meanwhile you could make them hide when touched and they would stay hidden until touched again, but it has some limitations. For example the lower one could not be “reached” for touch in times when being under the other hand.
Or you could make another “set of transparent hands” and switch to them using the style feature, but you would have to open watch face customization each time.
It would be really simple, if there were interactive tag features, but we were told, that currently such feature was “out of scope for WFS”.

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Thank you very much for your answers, I Will try it.

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New 1.3.8 animation settings

add an animation over the hands that is a few seconds long. before any other layers
for the properties
Trigger value is Tap
0 for delay
No auto play, no repeat delay no resume playback
Hide before playing
Hide after playing.

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Can you anyone share any example? Maybe I’m stupid, but I don’t know, how can I hide hands

HI Ray,

In order to hide it the hands must be on a lower layer and that may not be an ideal layout
You need to have background layer
watch hands layer next

below are two simple ways I can think of.

put a clear full 450 x 450 image on the layer above the watch hands
Make the image have an action to change image and that image will be the same as the background
then put all other layers above it.

or do it by putting an Animation over the hands

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Ron. I understand all this, but I can’t have layers with text and icons above the hands… That’s not very nice


I can’t have layers with text and icons above the hands… That’s not very nice

yeah I agree it isn’t ideal and would be hard to look right.

I can see how this would be useful for example if a hand is over a read out the watch wearer could tap and see the data.

You can have an analog style with no hands but that only works if you include a digital clock in the design.

Maybe some one has an idea. I love a challenge but this may beat me.

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Good advice Ron,
I just used the animations as the actual hands. They run on tap and remain visible before and after running the transparent frames in between.

I cant test it on watch, but on WFS it seems to work well. I added example file here so you can try:

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I’m sorry for stealing the thread but I have a related question;
I want to change the watch hand for a few seconds when the screen is tapped (or when the watch face is on)
Maybe that is achievable by new features discussed in this thread (New 1.3.8 animation settings)
but I did not understand.
iis there a way to add an animation as a “watch hand” ?
(or adding rotation features to an animation ?)

How did you assign the animations in this example as a watchface ?
I am able to add animations normally but can’t bind it to hour/seconds or minutes.
How did you do it ? I can’t see anything on the properties.

It is there in the rotation field, you can add formula with tags for hours, minutes, or seconds, to the animation, and you can also make it start by tap in the trigger field below.
Only drawback is, that you have to tap each hand individually to start the blank animation.

Thanks. That’s good. But as you highlighted, requirement to tap the hand itself is a big drawback.
I want to change the watch hand when something else is tapped.

Then we are back at my first answer. WFS would need to expand its scope.

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