Watch hand and timeline doesn't do anything

Ok I must be missing something here, whenever I try to import a gwd project or creating a basic face from scratch, non of the clock hand(s) moves, nor does timeline shows or hides image(s). Animation works fine. On windows 11, latest WFS.

You can’t really import the project only the resources as a layer. You probably need to set things in the timeline to show and hide on your own. The watch hands worked but of course they needed to be resized and centered. Digital Clock needed new Tags etc.

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Sorry I didn’t realized that you actually can’t preview stuff directly, it’s only shown on the “run” tab. Such rookie mistake.
Apologize for the confusion, and thanks for replying.

Hi Ron, yes its me again :slight_smile:

I’m struggling with the Timeline “Loop” functions. I mean on GWS, I can have several hands in different shade (show/hide) and loop them over by minutes and/or hours. But I can with WFS.

If its not available, perhaps I should raise a ‘Feature Request’?

Do you have the timeline visible you need to expand it

and you can set it for seconds minutes or hour increments. I find it a bit harder to use but that probably is because I was used to GWS. I even used it for an Animation to show hide for several seconds each minute.


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No loop feature. We have to manually set it to appear and disappear up to the end of the timeline. @ALITHIR Yes if you have time, please post it in the Feature request. Thanks!

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Thank you Ron, Ballozi for the feedback. Most appreciated.

Thanks all.

I am collecting all the feature requests and after the next update (which I think will primarily be a bug fix version) I’ll submit then for the next revision.



Hi Ron, Peter, Ballozi;

My apologies if this is a silly question :slight_smile:

Referring to the image below, I was trying to show/hide the hand at certain time. But as I right click, it does not prompt any action/tags to do so.

Is this “under feature request”, a bug or there is another command that I dont know off?