High-Resolution Floral Photography for Wallpaper/Background Design


I have always been captivated by the beauty of floral photography and have been capturing high-resolution images of various flowers for some time now, and recently, as someone I knew was looking through the wallpapers on their phone, it struck them that my floral photography could be a perfect fit for your product’s wallpapers. What would be the best way to get sample photos to whoever is in charge of wallpaper or background design for Samsung products?

This forum is for 3rd party Samsung developers and as such, there is no way to contact Samsung directly here regarding use of your content.

If you are interested in providing your content on Samsung stores you can apply in 2025:

Any idea if that application process is also necessary for themes packed with Samsung Knox Configure profiles? The Knox Configure documentation states that a device being configured for an enterprise can be reskinned with a theme using Theme Studio. But it only links to genwral Theme Studio info. Ive been trying to figure out how someone uses Theme Studio if their intentions are for enterprise environments and not for the Theme section of the store.

Theme studio is a basic tool for designers that only creates binaries to be loaded to the Galaxy Theme store. It has no integration features, so I’m not sure how it could be used for an enterprise version.

So reading the Knox doco quickly, it seems that you could create a theme and use Knox to deploy it across the enterprise, along with any other apps, and profile etc?

I’m not technical enough to know how you could implement a theme outside of the store to be deployed.


Among other things, Knox Configure allows someone to rebrand a device, such as by changing the boot animations, pre-installing applications, and setting the home screen and wall paper images. For further rebranding one can provide an APK that was created with Theme Studio to be applied to the device.

The Knox documentation then directs me to the Theme Studio page, which has zero information on how to get access to Theme Studio for this purpose. There appears to be an information and process gap on how someone gets access to Theme Studio for anything other than selling themes in the store.

I’ve tried to see how much theming that I can do without Theme Studio. While Knox Configure can be used for some things, it doesn’t provide the level UI customization that Theme Studio does.

I think your only chance at an answer is to contact the Seller portal.

However, due to policy lockdowns on the phone, I think only themes from the store can be downloaded and made to work on the phone for more than 10 minutes. So you’d have to develop your enterprise theme and load it to the store, then download for your enterprise image. But Samsung doesn’t allow branded themes on the store… Plus, you would then have the ability to sell any theme, so if you were granted access to the tool outside of the normal approval process (next review is 2025) then Samsung could be sued for giving you preferential access to the tool over everyone else!

If you just wanted a generic unbranded theme it would be easy for an existing seller to create one for you and set it as free….

Hope this helps.

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Conflicts galore! I think I might need to start exploring whatever contacts I can reach within Samsung for this. We are not seeking store access at all.

That they generally don’t allow branded content could be tricky. I’ve seen that there exists a Pringles Flip Suit NFC case card that applies Pringles imagery to a phone. I don’t know if that was developed by Samsung or some other party though. And I’ve only seen it distributed in South Korea.

As @Redacted pointed out, your best chance is to ask a designer to make the theme. As long as the brand provides a written agreement, even for just that specific theme, Samsung should be fine. Unless the brand is Apple or another competitor. But I’m not sure if they can hand you over the apk of the theme, you’ll probably need it.

The Knox support may have a solution to this dilema. You need the apk, you can’t make it yourself and the ones who can make it may not have the right to give it to you.

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