How can I detect when someone is "being active" and flag it on a watch face?

Apologies if this is super basic, but I could really use your help.

Basically, I’m interested to understand how to replicate the functionality of Samsung’s official “Activity Sparkles” watchface by listening to the sensors (gyro, heartbeat, pedometer, etc.)

The “Activity Sparkles” watchface turns from green to yellow if you haven’t been active for a number of minutes - I don’t think it’s linked to Samsung Health or any other out-of-bounds territory, since sometimes Samsung Health sends me inactivity notifications, even though according to Activity Sparkles I’ve been active just before.

Your help will be super appreciated.

If you use gwd / gwd you can create an image of the color you like the most in any image editor, then by means of a tag you can make it change the color, it seems simple, but it is a bit complicated, but nothing is impossible to do … .

In this instance YA_Soft was wrong.

You can probably do this in Tizen Studio. check out It will get you thinking the right way and then you can look on Gethub and see if there are any example codes already written.

You can not do this with Galaxy Watch Studio.

Samsung Developer Program

yeah but what about the trigger for the colour change? how would i solve that?

Let me see if I understand what you want to do, let’s take the steps for example, do you want the color to change depending on the number of steps?

not quite. I want the colour to change depending on how long ago the last change is steps has happened (e.g. red = i haven’t made any steps in the last hour)

exactly that with gwd / gws I think it is impossible, I could help you on how to change the color depending on what you do, example the steps, I can help you change the color based on the percentage that is completed …