Animation activated when unlocking the smartwatch

how do i make an animation activated when unlocking the smartwatch?

What tool are you using, Tizen Studio or GWD. By unlocking the watch do you mean when it becomes active or when it is turned on from an off state, activated by the wrist movement or loaded replacing some other watch face?

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I am using GWD. With activated I mean when I double tap the clock screen and it activates to show me the time, I saw that some developers have created unlock animations and I want to learn. Without replacing the watch face, an animation with the original image. I put a link with the example:

I don’t think it is possible in GWD, the watch face you are showing is made in Facer.
but any animation will come on automatically when you wake the watch up . Unless you have programmed it to stop.



By Tizen Studio serious as possible?