How can i relaunch tizen web application programmatically?

How can i relaunch tizen web application programmatically ?

You should familiar with an application control api here:

In this case you can use implicit launch because you know requested app id.
This code belowe doese the job:

function launchApp(appId) {
try {
tizen.application.launch(appId, onsuccessCB, onerrorCb);
} catch(e) {“app control exception " + e.message);
function onsuccessCB() {” >>> Application with id " + appId + " launched successfully <<<");
function onerrorCb(e) {
// handle error

Don’t forget to add a privilege to config.xml file: <tizen:privilege name=“”/>

If you want to launch your app you have to use Alarm API here:

var delaySeconds = 1;
var appId = tizen.application.getCurrentApplication(); // your app id
var alarm = new tizen.AlarmRelative( delaySeconds );
tizen.alarm.add(alarm, appId);

Thank you so much @andrzej_bugajny

I hope it helps you.