How do transfer watch face to samsung watch active 2

I have created my face and want to try to it out. But can’t figure out how to get the face sent over to my watch active 2. I have read the instruction but it says I need to turn on a adb blue tooth debughing how do you do this on the active 2

It should work over Wi-Fi too, but just to make sure, in which program did you prepare your watch face? In watch face studio (as the category you are writing in on here suggests), or in galaxy watch studio (which should be used for galaxy watches older than GW4)?

I created the face in watch face studio. I also read that watch face studio was compatible with my watch and it replaced galaxy watch studio. Btw I am a newbie.

I do not know where did you get that info, but if your watch truly is a galaxy active 2 (no matter which size), then watch face studio is not the program you should use for making faces for it. Watch face studio replaced galaxy watch studio for the new watches, since galaxy watch 4 reintroduced wearOS to the galaxy watches and is not compatible with your watch.
Check the answer to FAQ1:

What program to use

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Watch Face Studio is compatible with Wear OS watches. Active2 is Tizen OS watch. You need to use the Galaxy Watch Studio to design watch face.

Thank you for your response