How to access developer documents to develop chrome extension

We have already successfully published an extension on Firefox and Chrome and we would like to publish one to Samsung Internet as well. I have watched the tutorial provided by Samsung on Youtube to develop the extension using js, but the documentations they show in the tutorial were not accessible from my end and was going through a lot forums in search for an answer. In the tutorial shows that it uses a specific tool called “mksixapktool” to convert the JS extension to Samsung Internet addon (per my understanding it means converting a JS extension into an Java oriented APK). Is it possible for us to get a proper documentation where step by step helps us in understanding on the development process for the Samsung Internet Addons. Please note that I have attached the tutorial screenshot as well along with the link ([

Thank you

You have successfully published extensions on Firefox and Chrome and now wish to publish one on Samsung Internet as well. The tutorial provided by Samsung on YouTube didn’t offer accessible documentation for developing extensions. You are specifically interested in converting a JavaScript extension into a Java-oriented APK using mksixapktool. You are seeking proper step-by-step documentation for developing Samsung Internet addons. I suggest reaching out to Samsung’s developer support or exploring official developer resources for assistance.

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Hey thanks for the reply, I have tried contacting Samsung developer support many times but they are not responding for some reason. And I have submitted a support ticket but for that also they have not given any feedback. Most annoying part is that their developer documentation does not match their tutorials.

For some reason they really don’t want people to develop extentions for it. Samsung Internet is the second most popular browser on Android, if developing extentions was possible, there were definitely more than a handful of them.

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For Samsung Internet Extension-related queries, please create a 1:1 support request at Support Request | Samsung Developer. The issues are automatically assigned to the Samsung Internet Extensions team.

Samiul Hossain
Samsung Developer Relations