Samsung Internet guide to develop extensions

Is there any step by step guide how to develop an extension for Sumsung Browser I watched a youtube video mentioning it is the same way as chrome extension because of the core which is opensource .

The Samsung portal shows like it is an offline info to get more like join newsletter to get more about this topic of developing for Samsung browser!

Samsung Internet Extensions Development Program

From the bottom of the page…

The Samsung Internet Extensions project is in a closed beta phase. Only permitted developers can develop extensions for Samsung Internet for Android.

If you’re interested in development of mobile extensions for Samsung Internet for Android or you want to port your legacy desktop extensions to Samsung Internet for Android, please join us by submitting the request form in the below link.

Thank you for giving response in the same day and I remember that I read what you mentioned but my request was for the step by step guide for beginner as example.

Is there a blog post or a github repo like search by Image for Samsung Internet?

Google “create Chrome extension” and select any of the tutorials. Then, after you create and publish your tutorial in the Chrome Web Store, you’ll be able to publish it easily in the Samsung store as a legacy extension.