How to build Tizen used on Galaxy Watches from scratch

I’m a bit confused about what parts of Tizen (and also Tizen Studio) are actually open source.

Is the Tizen flavor that is used on the Galaxy Watches actually open source?

Is it possible to build the whole OS from source and flash it to the watch?

I’m aware of, but it seems rather outdated and also not really to be the same that we are running on our Galaxy Watches. Is there anyone who is knowledgeable in those topics?

You might want to look into Tizen on Raspberry Pi Here is a good page to get started on that.

I’ve not done anything with it myself but I’m told that it is very useful to learn and experiment with. Let me know if that is sort of what you were thinking or if I’m off track.

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While I certainly appreciate any input and I think that Tizen on Raspberry Pi could be interesting to look into, I‘m afraid this is not what I‘m looking for. That page and the page it is linking to are dealing with existing Tizen images. I am interested in building Tizen from source and doing so especially for the wearables.

Since you represent Samsung (correct?), maybe you could find an answer the my questions in the original post with someone from the responsible team at Samsung? That would be great!


You need to go to and the Platform Developers documentation site. From there you can Download Source, and get information on how to build, how to Flash to Device. Or if you want contribute to the project.

Tizen is an operating system not a functional watch.

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Thanks for the links.

Yes, of course there is a difference between Tizen OS and all the software that a Samsung watch is coming delivered with. But that’s exactly what I’m trying to find out. How far can I go with the open source stuff, ie. can I install the open source Tizen on a Samsung watch? What parts of the Tizen running on a Samsung watch are open source and what parts are proprietary and closed source?

Tizen OS is a version of Linux it is the core OS for many things Mobile phones, Smart TV, IOT and wearables. Anything not included in the SDK was developed by Samsung. However there may be other ways to achieve these things look for sample code on GitHub and other sites.

No one from Samsung would every tell you what is and isn’t open source or a public API.

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