Somewhat simple(ton) question

Is this the right place now to post/answer questions for help technical application development? Such as questions about tizen, API’s, developer tools, etc.?

Also, hopefully, there will be no more ads about Outlook PST/ODT recoveries :face_with_head_bandage:



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For Tizen (Galaxy Watch) Development then use the Galaxy Watch forum
For Tizen (Smart TV) then use the Smart TV forum

If you are interested in the Tizen Mobile or IoT development I think they use GitHub for discussion.

There is also developer community.

Samsung Developer Program

Thanks. I am mostly interested in Wearables. Trying to put together an app. But some of the specifics for Samsung’s design are not very well documented.

I had been using the forum at But it had become overwhelmed with spam that made it difficult for anyone to see new (real) posts. Also many people just stopped using it. I got very few responses, much less answers there. And there documentation tends to be out of date.

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Hi Ken,

Try this page Galaxy Watch - Build | Samsung Developers there are lots of examples depending on what you are doing web, .net or native C/C++.

There is also this page Galaxy Watch - Design | Samsung Developers That can help with many things and UI issues navigation, interaction of the wearable.

But I agree it sometimes takes a lot to get a simple answer. The .net questions are on one site, web apps another site and so on.

What platform are you planning on working on?

Samsung Developer Program