How to change Complication Order on Wear app?

Hi, when I launch my Wear app and customize my new watch face I designed, the order of the Complications are reversed. Right now when I choose Complication 1, it highlights the right icon. What I want is this:

Complication 1 Complication 2 Complication 3
Left (1st) Middle (2nd) Right (3rd)

I tried changing the order on the layers and then rebuilding, but that didn’t work. Is there something I’m missing?


You can try re-arranging the layers if they are already in that order I think it is set on the order they are added to the project. It is a request that developers be able to set the complication and style order.

Samsung Developer Relations

The complications are listed as the layered order.
Like the image below, the complication in bottom layer becomes the 1st item of the complication list.