WFS 1.0.11 - Custom complication bug - needs urgent fix

@sinjae, @phdzor can you take a look on this ?

Lets say editable custom complication (SHORT_TEXT) has two layouts - text + title and text + icon
(default to text + title). If users want to pick some complication with icon like weather or sunset/sunrise, complication remains fixed to default layout, means user will get text + “nothing” as it cant show icon in text + title layout.

Can you release some hotfix update ? This error will basically make many designers unable to update their watch faces by rebuilding with WFS 1.0.11 (590.3 KB)

Thank you @amoledwatchfaces.
We have confirmed that the problem you reported is an important regression,
we will deal with it as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your report!

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