How to destroy caphlist to create new?

I am working on tizen web app by using caphList. I am using ajax to fetch data from api and after getting response I set in caphlist by this code:

// Reset container before set data

    items : items,
    template: 'sub-cate-template',
    containerClass : 'list',
    direction: 'vertical',
    initialItemIndex: 0,
    onFocusItemView: function(context) {
        // Assign inner category index
        SUB_CAT_INDEX = {rowIndex: context.rowIndex, itemIndex: context.itemIndex};                             

Before setting data in caphlist i am using html() method of jquery to reset the container and it’s working fine But when i click on another category to load same ui but new category data then focus in not working.

Code to set focus:

let controllerProvider = $.caph.focus.controllerProvider.getInstance();

So i think destroy method of caphlist will work but i do not know how to use this. So could someone please suggest how to use destroy method?

If anyone think I am not doing in right way please suggest.

Simply i want to use same template with new data.