How to detect if PWA is installed?

In chrome there is “userchoice” promise to detect if user chose to add icon to home screen or not. and there is also “appinstalled” event to detect PWA installation event.

How to do similar thing with Samsung Internet browser?

Hi Yasser - I think both userchoice and appinstalled_event are supported on Samsung Internet. (At least according to the MDN browser compat data - which we contributed.) Are they not working for you?


Thank you for replay Torgo.

Despite of MDN documentation, my main client tested my site on Samsung A70 and found that userchoice didn’t work.
And I found this post on StackOverFlow that describe the same problem for Samsung Internet browser:

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First, you head over to the site where you would like to check. Second, you open up the Google Chrome Developer Tool. As you can see, the Service Workers is activated and currently running. If the site did not have the Service Workers in-place, then it is probably not a PWA. if you want the detail u can go visit this link merahputih kabaroto bolaskor side