Samsung Internet Browser and PWA on not Samsung devices

I have the following issue. I’m using Samsung Internet Browser and can see install PWA button on the top near address line only on Samsung devices. Does it mean that I can’t install PWA with Samsung Internet Browser on not Samsung device (tested it on different PWA’s and had the same result)?

P.S. I’m using Xiaomi Mi5 + Samsung Internet Browser v.

Hello @sparxy ,

Thank you for your interest in the Samsung Internet Browser. Currently, PWA installation through Samsung Internet Browser is only supported on Samsung Galaxy Devices with the Galaxy App Store.
Hence the scenario you described is the expected behavior and not an issue.

We hope this helps resolve your query. Please feel free to respond here or open another forum thread if you have any other queries.

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@shuvo.saha Thank you for your answer. Just wondering, it makes it harder to use Samsung Internet Browser on not Samsung devices. You are right, it seems like an expected behavior, but PWA - trend and so simple feature as short installation add benefits to users and developers who provide PWA on their resources. This function is present on Samsung Galaxy Devices. Is it complicated to allow this on other devices?

Hi Sparxy - thanks for your message. Totally agree regarding the benefits of the PWA approach. We spend a lot of time advocating the PWA pattern to developers. To clarify: you can still save PWAs to home screen using Samsung Internet on non-Samsung devices. The only difference is that they will not save as WebAPKs. (See our blog post here for more info on WebAPK.) This is because we use the Galaxy Store’s infrastructure to sign the WebAPK bundles - and since Galaxy Store only is shipped on Galaxy devices, this limits where we can deploy WebAPK. However, PWAs saved on other devices will feature most of the same benefits. However the install button in the URL bar is part of the WebAPK install experience. Users can still save to home screen from the menu and will still be prompted to install on repeated usage. Hope this helps.