How to enroll in beta

Why do I keep missing the beta enrollment for the S20

How can I get into the Android 13 One UI 5 beta for the S20

you can see I have developer account

Beta programs are done by your phone service provider so you need to contact them for answers :+1:

that is not how another company dose I won’t mention the name - since they don’t rely on phone service provide and they also have a public beta so anyone can do it -

Samsung is in charge of Android 13 and One UI 5 not the phone service providers - I just really want to test upcoming softwar

Just search and go to the Samsung beta program and join if the space available where you want to go.
For the Android users who want to enroll in any app developing beta program just got to the play store and search for the app you want to join if its beta version available.

Samsung Developer Relations

I don’t really see a option to download and I’m samsung developer

You need to read and follow instructions on the link that both Ron and I posted.

Yes, I have read that and I’m in the members app and I don’t see anything

If you aren’t on a Samsung Mobile you can’t beta test or If your service provider doesn’t support it you can’t beta test it.

If you have two Samsung accounts one for work and one personal one make sure the phone account is the one that your mobile is associated with. I have this issue a lot.

Samsung Developer Relations

I’m not even sure why services provider have to been involved - since I’m apple Beta Test for there iOS 16 and they don’t need AT&T or or Verizon or any other- and anyone can sign up beta since they have a dev program which costs money, and a public testing group, and there betas are not limited to certain amount of people, you would think Samsung would want more people on there beta testing side, because the more people they have the better the feed back is.

I have a S20, but not connected to service provide - and I don’t know why I can’t just try the software on my phone without it being connected to a service provide