How to generate .wgt file for Tizen app for alpha version on store

I would like to get detailed information for uploading alpha version app for testing on the store, along with the other details such as

  1. which .wgt file should I use on the store? the same which is generated while building/creating Tizen project for Samsung smart TV.
  2. I can use any test certificate with my application on the store or , are there any specific requirements needs to fulfil?
  3. What kind of details I’ll be needed while uploading my app on store as alpha testing version and do I need anything else except device ID on which I’m targeting to install for testing.
    4)What kind of details I should have while publishing alpha version on store like domain name, package info. etc.

Can you please provide full detailed steps and other required information to upload alpha version of my Samsung smart TV App built using Tizen project for testing and final launch as well.

Thanks in Advance

Since no one responded, I would suggest you look for an answer in the FAQ-Q/A under the most appropriate topic on the Smart TV Seller Office site If you don’t find a solution there then sign in and open a Smart TV Seller Support Request . They can help you better there.

Samsung Developer Relations

I already asked in the 1:1 in Samsung seller store but no one has replied there as well not sure where to get those answers as soon as possible.


I think most of what you want is in the Distribution guide under
Distributing for Alpha Testing

You can only run on Samsung TVs with a Samsung Distributor Certificate (although it is changed when it is published in the store) You should use a Samsung Author’s Certificate as well.

I think that guide will help you find all the information.

Samsung Developer Relations

That explains how I can upload build signed package on the store instead of explaining that how can I build singed package itself which creates .wgt file using vscode as I cannot see anything happening when I try to build signed package from vscode using CLI but when I try to build it from Tizen studio it creates.

Can you please help me how can I build signed package from vscode also can you please confirm that , that is what I need to upload on the store for alpha version?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve never tried to use VSCode. I believe the store has a guide on it if not there is something online. It is the most common tool. If you can’t I’ll try to search it for you.

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Thank you for your quick response, I tried to find it but no luck.!

The has directions in their Visual Studio Code extension Tutorial

I don’t know if that is the same for the Samsung Certificates but I imagine it is as both are in the Tizen Studio certificate manager.

The Samsung Docs says you can do it but doesn’t say how. :slight_smile:

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you for your response