How to get callback result in Unity with android studio library

Hi, I’m currently developing a game in unity and want to include samsung blockchain, I stuck at the callback setup in unity. The senario is like below.

//Setting a callback to hardwarewallet connect function

hardwareWalletConnect = hardwareWalletManager.Call(“connect”, wallet);

AndroidJavaObject hardwareWalletCallback = hardwareCallback.Call<AndroidJavaObject(“hardwareWalletCallback”); //return ListenableFutureTask class

hardwareWalletConnect.Call(“setCallback”, new object { hardwareWalletCallback }); //SetCallback to ListenableFutureTask

I stuck at how can I get the result from callback, basically is how to implement functions if the callback is onSuccess, or onFailed, onCanceled. Thanks!

After a bit of fiddling around, it worked properly now. One of the biggest problems I’ve encountered is that my activity ( MainActivity ) wasn’t being included at all. What I did was instead of using /.MainActivity in the AndroidManifest.xml , I used the full package name instead ( com.mycompany.myapp.MainActivity ).

Thank you for replying. But actually it’s a different problem as yours. For now I can got those function call works in unity, except dont know how to set the callback properly to a function, ie. hardwareWalletConnect, I need to get the result as onSuccess or onFailed from the callback.