How to get the client id and access code of Samsung Health SDK for application


We have an application called Sleepee which needs to connect with Samsung Health to get the sleep data from wearable and phone devices. However we don’t know how to get accessCode and clientId to access to Developer Mode.

At the moment, we want to get the SDK access code to connect our Mobile Application to Samsung Health to get the health data.

So could you please help us to answer two questions:

  • Whether we can be partner for Samsung Health SDK (Android Device)?
  • How to get the Client ID & Access Code for application?

Thank you for supporting.
Sleepee team.

The old Samsung Health SDK for Android used the Tizen OS watches (Watch3 and older). It is supported and updated but the Developer Partnership for that is no longer available.

Galaxy Watch4 and newer use Wear OS powered by Samsung and that doesn’t use the Health SDK but rather uses Health Services on Wear OS

Currently if you are in the US or Korea you can apply for the privileged partner to get Samsung Privileged Health SDK They are working on adding Europe and other countries.

Hope this helps, basically you will have to target newer Devices on Wear OS.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you for your response.
So does Samsung team have the SDK to connect directly from Samsung Health (Watch OS or Android) to the Android Application?
We are developing an application which need to connect to Samsung Health (Android) to get the sleep data. We already have been a Samsung Partnership and can get Samsung Privileged Health SDK, do not know whether it can connect the Android Application to Samsung Health Android.

Thank you!

I am fairly certain that is part of the SDK but you may want to ask this as a tech support question HERE

It looks weird there is a tab for Partner support but that is only for Themes now. The normal technical support does not have a Samsung Health option but if you choose Watch or Non-Game Android App or Other and mention privileged partner in the subject or description they will route it to the correct team for action.

Samsung Developer Relations