How to handle hardware back button press event?

How can I handle a hardware back button press on Galaxy Watch? I tried overriding OnBackButtonPressed method on the Page class. That didn’t work. So far, I didn’t find any other API that would look like it is intended for handling such event.
Also, there are 2 hardware buttons on the watch. I’m curious if it is possible to handle a press event on any of them?

Home and Back key has their own preset operatations. (i.e. Home button launches watch home [watch face], similar to android home button)

Not sure, if you can handle them independently. Even if you can, the Galaxy Appstore expects your app to launch ‘Watch home [watch face]’ while ‘home button’ is pressed. And in case of ‘back’ button it should load previous page or exit the app based on scenario.

Still, you can check out these relevant article/posts if they helps:

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