How to make Watchface design with tizen studio


I want to design watchface with Tizen Studio. I couldn’t find training how I can do it. Is there a training Tizen Studio? (Paid or Free)

I looked at both Tizen documents and Samsung Documents about Tizen but They aren’t enough for me.

Thank you so much for your interest.

Cem Erman

Hello Cem,

Before we can help, I need to know the level of your programming knowledge and skill in design and what you want to achieve.

If you are familiar with development are you a web app developer or do you develop in native C/C++ or .net? Are you familiar with IDE’s or command line tools.

For the most part Tizen Studio is not meant for Watch Face Designs but you can use it and do some things you cannot do with Galaxy Watch Studio. However, there are things you can do with Galaxy Watch Studio that you can not do with Tizen Studio.

Knowing this I can probably get you more help.

Samsung Developer Program

Hello Ron,

Firstly I appreciate for your help and interest. I have been making watch face design with Watch Studio for 2 years and I want to make more functionallity and interest watchface. Good or bad I made 550+ watchface and I don’t think I success. I thought that if I use Tizen Studio and improve myself maybe I can do it. Everyday I look top watchfaces in the Galaxy Wearable and I want to be there :slight_smile:

I researched on Youtube, Udemy but I couldn’t find training about Tizen Studio.

I know C#, Html, CSS and JS as programming language. I saw in the Tizen Studio that I will able to make watch face with HTML, CSS and JS. I tried but unfortunately I couldn’t make it :).

Thank you so much for your support.,

Cem Erman


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Start out with an example and see how it is done then use the templates. If you are looking for Design tools like in GWS then you won’t find them.

The limitations of Tizen Studio are You can’t do Samsung Health at all. (you can only access the sensors and create your own health programs) You can’t do weather with Web App projects only native C/C++.

You can find tutorials and such at site

Submit a new request I’ll work with you some more.

Samsung Developer Program

Hi Ron,

I have done the application for the promotion request. My promotion request was rejected before. I hope, it is accepted this time :slight_smile:

The link you sent me about the Tizen web site was very useful for me. I started to design with Visual Studio and I found the training about Xamarin. Thank you so much for your support and interest.

Cem Erman

It worked for me. Thanks!