How to manage the beta test for a watch face

Hi there is a guide that explains how to manage the beta test for a watch face?
I have tried many times but without success.
Honestly, has anyone succeeded? :grinning:

This is my procedure:

  • I have registered myself as a Beta Tester with the same email that I used to sign in in my Developer account.

  • I send the Beta link in my email.

  • I open it in my mobile phone.

  • Example link:
    Beta test

  • Chrome open this page ( screenshot attached in the following link ):

  • I click on “OK button”, the browser redirect me always to this page:
    Galaxy Watch - Build | Samsung Developers

  • I have stopped here, thousand times.

I also searched the forums, but nobody talks about it.
Is it possible that there is no dedicated article?
It seems absurd to me …
Thank for any reply.


I have received an email from Samsung Support.

This is the content:

If you still would like to beta test the applications, please firstly register a beta test version application on Seller Portal by clicking the [Add Beta Test] button on the application edit page.

For more detailed information about beta test, please refer to the guide below:

After the beta application is distributed, please try to access it with the test URL.

I hope it will be of use to others.