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I have created a basic watch app as a test and submitted it as a beta version (on the recommendation of Samsung developer support). I can install the app directly with sdb and it works as expected.

It all seems ok on the Seller Portal but I can’t actually get the app installed to my watch from the Beta link.

It says:-
Beta test Tap the button below to go to the Galaxy Store and install the beta app on your watch.

If I click “OK” it then says:-
As a first step, up grade your Galaxy Store to the latest version.

It then give instructions on how to do this but there is no option to upgrade my Galaxy Store.

Am I doing something wrong?

(My set up is a Galaxy Watch paired to a Pixel 3 phone.)

I believe you need to update your Samsung Wearable app. If that doesn’t work contact support again on the issue.

Or write back and I’ll ask them about beta testing with non-Samsung mobiles. That is just out of my wheelhouse.

Samsung Developer Program

I tried removing and reinstalling the Samsung Wearable app, but it made no difference.

An extra detail I forgot it include is that if I click “Ok” it tells me to upgrade and after a short delay it takes me to the page for setting up a no-phone connection to the watch (


I checked around and you can not Beta test unless you are using a Samsung mobile. I am going to request that this be documented.

There is no difference between you downloading an app from the store and side loading the app. You just can share it with others to test.

Samsung Developer Program

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Thanks for your help! That’s good to know.