How to migrate RTP/RTSP Player from SSSP to TEP?

We used to develop an APP for SSSP (Samsung Smart Signage Platform) and utilize the B2BRTPplay API to play RTP/RTSP stream.

Now, SSSP is discontinued and we need to migrate the APP to TEP platform. According to the migration guide (, we can’t find any TEP API to play RTP/RTSP stream.

Can Samsung team migrate the B2BRTPplay API to the new TEP platform? or do you have any other way to play RTP/RTSP stream with Tizen?

I hope that Samsung can provide a simple API to play RTSP stream instead of implementing the RTSP player using socket extension ourselves. (

I think you will need to open a Smart TV Seller Support Request .

If you can’t ask because you don’t have an app in the store. Let me know and I’ll see what I can find out.

Samsung Developer Relations