How to Play 4K Video without AVPlay?

I’m trying to develop a video player that can play 4K video using an MSE-based player framework, such as video.js, dash.js or Shaka player. I have an asset that plays all renditions except for the 4K rendition. If I try to play the 4K quality in any MSE-based player, I get errors from the frameworks saying the file is corrupt or is unsupported. However, if I use video.js to play the 4K asset on AVPlay, the 4K quality plays.

Is AVPlay required to play 4K video on Tizen? The 4K asset plays in MSE players on other smart TV brands.

The asset is Dash and is h.264 with the avc1.640033 codec. The audio codec is mp4a.40.2. I have used the webapis.productinfo.isUdpanelSupported method, and it returns true. I’ve also tried setting the max size on the AVPlayManager, just in case and that didn’t help either.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Turns out the issue is that h.264 video won’t play 4K on Tizen without AVPlay. However, if you switch to h.265 / HEVC, then MSE-based frameworks can play 4K. I’m not sure why it can’t, since Tizen says it supports the avc1 and aac codecs on this 4K model, but 2021 and 2022 TVs can’t play the 4K h.264 video.

I want to play a video from URL which ends with .mkv, How to play any ideas?